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Litigation Timelines

At Complete Trial Graphics, affiliated with Courtroom Concepts, among the most frequently used litigation support services are timelines. We have extensive experience creating custom litigation timelines built with your evidence in mind. Our goal is to convey your message the best way we know how.

Timelines are one of the most crucial strategic elements of a trial. Revealing when an event happened can be impactful in swaying the judge and jurors. A small increment of time such as a few minutes can be every bit as important as a span of several years depending on the case. We utilize information that the attorney views as the most pertinent and influential data in the case to build a custom timeline. Even when a case doesn’t require an abundance of trial graphics, a timeline revealing the “big picture” is highly effective.

Visual timelines also serve as an easy-to-follow guide that builds and tells a story when explaining the case to a jury. We listen carefully to your story, gather a thorough understanding of your case goals and data, and then create trial graphics that reveal the winning, streamlined information to help you prove your argument.

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