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In-Trial Consultant

—Your Partner in the Courtroom

Have you ever been in the courtroom and witnessed your opponent’s in-trial consultant fumble? Perhaps he or she didn’t know the trial presentation software well enough to pull up videos and key documents seamlessly. Perhaps you have seen the opponent have technical issues that delayed the pace of the trial. Or even worse, perhaps this has happened to you.

The courtroom is a stage, and you, the litigator, have the leading role. You need every “theatrical” element to be as strong as it can be while you tell your story. If you were performing on an actual stage, you probably wouldn’t want an amateur designing the lighting or operating the light board. You would want a professional to ensure that the design and timing are both excellent—otherwise, your strongest performance won’t be as convincing. When you have millions of dollars on the line, you need only the best.

We are in trial year round. We have experience with hundreds of multimillion-dollar cases and are seasoned professionals. When it’s show time, Courtroom Concepts’ litigation support services ensure attorneys seamless trial presentations in a virtually fail-safe high-tech environment. With our sophisticated courtroom presentation capabilities and technological expertise, our trial consultants allow you to argue your case while maintaining complete confidence in your trial presentation team. When you are examining a witness and need that crucial trial graphic or exhibit, you can count on it to appear with precise, expert timing as you hammer home the most important elements of your argument.

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