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Trial Deposition Editing

—Skills and Timing for Success

Litigators sometimes travel across the country and the world taking depositions of those who will not be present in trial. A significant amount of money and time is invested in taking quality depositions and the value of these depositions can play a pivotal role in the direction of the case. We understand this value and take the job of editing depositions very seriously. We go through the process of synchronizing the electronic deposition transcript to the digitized video. We perform a quality control check to make sure that everything is working as planned. Prior to trial, we edit the videotaped depositions according to attorneys’ page-and-line designations and it is standard practice to remove lengthy pauses. Often, this is a back and forth process with our clients. The client may need to see a larger volume of deposition edits which we can reduce to key edits.

We also work with a large number of impeachment depositions. Again, we work closely with the attorney to prepare the key evidence necessary to prove their point. We know that sometimes impeachments cannot be preplanned. If needed, we can call up designations “on-the-spot” for impeachment clips and similar uses.

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