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Litigation Support

What does it take to win big in the courtroom? It takes a team of dedicated players. To create a strong case with compelling evidence, it takes a team that’s willing to give its all. Part of that team may work for years on a particular case—gathering documents, identifying smoking gun documents, taking depositions, working with experts, analyzing key data, and developing winning strategies. Team players pass information to one another and each member factors significantly in strengthening the case as it gets closer to trial. When Courtroom Concepts commits to join forces with a trial team for trial prep and in-trial support, we become fully dedicated team members.

We are frequently in multiple trials per month and have gained extensive hands on experience. Courtroom Concepts has worked on hundreds of cases for over a dozen years and proudly been part of legendary litigation teams. We have proven time and again to be an invaluable asset to the teams we assist.

“Courtroom Concepts provides me every technological advantage possible in my trial presentation. One of their main advantages is with videotaped depositions in trial. Jurors see not only the professionally edited testimony, but the highlighted exhibit that supports that testimony—or refutes it. The trial consultant can call up additional designations “on- the-fly” in the courtroom.” – Mikal Watts (Watts Guerra Craft)
“Courtroom Concepts’ trial consultants provide our legal teams an extra measure of confidence during high-stakes litigation. By assuming responsibility for the entire visual presentation—everything from displaying exhibits and PowerPoint presentations to equipment set-up—their participation allows us the ability to concentrate on winning the trial rather than being distracted by technology details.” – Fred Hagans (Hagans Burdine Montgomery & Rustay)

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We bring our experience from years of proven success in the courtroom to your trial.

We provide consulting advice on a range of subjects from what’s the best way to prepare your documents, images, and video depositions to how the courtroom is set up and what a particular judge may prefer based on in-trial experience.

You take your trial very seriously and so do we—that is why we put extra effort into quality control when creating your trial deposition edits.

Our in-trial consultants are some of the best in the country. We don’t just show up to press buttons, we are in sync with the attorneys arguing the case. During witness examinations we anticipate the next move and stay the course. We have years of experience advancing the needs of litigators.

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