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Trial Consulting

—Years of Experience

When litigators prepare for trial, they want to do everything they can to stack the odds in their favor. One excellent and easy strategy is to consult with a professional who has extensive knowledge and proven skills from years of experience. Our trial consultants are in courtrooms year round. Courtroom Concepts brings to your team decades of experience running smooth, efficient trials, mediations, hearings, and arbitrations.

We can advise you on courtroom setup, the best way to prepare documents, images and video depositions. We also have experience in countless courtrooms. We know the size, the setup and the judge. We can advise regarding sizes of printed timelines or other key evidence. If you want help prioritizing your pretrial material needs, we can assist. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and the solution.

Courtroom Concepts provides dependable litigation support that has the added advantage of being notably flexible. To create a flawless presentation, we design all trial graphics so that we can make last minute changes quickly and easily before and during trial.

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