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Informational Legal Graphics

More and more lawyers are faced with the difficulty of explaining complex information to judges and jurors. Simplifying this information is never as easy as it seems, especially relying solely on the power of words.

We have crafted methods that make conveying complex information easy. We begin by working directly with the trial litigation team to grasp a full understanding of the case’s intricate details. After reviewing the court documents as well as our own notes, we strategize on the best way to proceed. Ultimately creating memorable legal graphics that strongly support your team’s views.

At Complete Trial Graphics, affiliated with Courtroom Concepts, we excel at examining abstract ideas and breaking them down into crucial elements. We take those elements and create visual graphics that any jury or judge could easily understand.

Types of trial graphics we provide for clients include:

  • Key Player Visuals
  • Explanatory Graphics
  • Before-and-After Demonstratives
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Comparative evidence
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