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A Houston-based company providing personalized services at competitive industry rates, Courtroom Concepts can meet all of your firm’s legal graphics and litigation support needs for trials, mediations, hearings, and arbitrations.


Courtroom Concepts is led by Keith Cartwright and Nancy Rose, who together have three decades of significant experience in the emerging fields of demonstrative evidence and litigation support. Keith brings to the team proven expertise during in-trial consultation. Houston’s most prominent attorneys have counted on his courtroom professionalism in trials and mediations in connection with complex cases involving multiple parties, multimillion-dollar judgments, and sometimes intense proceedings that extend for weeks or even months. As Creative Director, Nancy has helped set the standard for sophisticated and compelling litigation visuals. She works directly with attorneys, carefully listening to their project descriptions and quickly developing visual concepts for the creation of trial graphics, animations, and multimedia presentations that communicate their stories to the greatest effect. Keith and Nancy’s joint talent and expertise allow Courtroom Concepts to offer client-centered litigation support services that give attorneys a unique competitive edge.

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