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Litigation Animation & Illustrations

3D animation and illustration are effective solutions for re-enacting scenarios and explaining evidence. Understanding complex evidence pertaining to medical, structural and automotive cases can often be difficult to visualize. 3D animations and illustrations solve that issue. Complete Trial Graphics, affiliated with Courtroom Concepts, creates visual stories that are easy to understand and leave viewers with lasting impressions.  

Reenactments are powerful tools for both mediations and trials. We work with all the evidential elements of your case such as positioning, timing, interactions and other essential facts to aid you in telling a compelling story and resulting in favorable verdicts.

There are many situations in which animations would be fitting for litigation. For example, motor vehicle accidents, gas explosions, medical procedures, oil and gas incidents and more. Educating judges and jurors with 3D animations and illustrations are highly effective and sometimes the only way to help viewers see a clear picture.

Regardless of the subject matter, you can count on Complete Trial Graphics to use our experience to create highly professional and effective animations that you can rely on in trial and SHOW judges and jurors your side of the story.

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